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Field Notes – week 8

17 Aug

Week Eight Corn height: we can no longer see beyond our trench, if we get lost we may have to remain on site until the harvest It has been a very relaxing week. Trench I was being excavated by all continuing students, who are now very familiar with our excavation and recording methods. In addition, […]

Field Notes – week 7.

11 Aug

  Week Seven Corn height: towering ominously over our excavations It has been another fantastic week on site. The weather held out for us for the most part, although I feel it’s only delayed the inevitable. As I write this, the remains of Bertha have arrived and I’m about to go hunting for my wellies. […]

Field Notes – week 6

03 Aug

Field Notes: Week Six Corn height: over the saggital suture of cranium (over my head) Well, it’s goodbye to July and hello to August. We’re officially past our halfway point, with six weeks gone and four weeks left of the field school at Poulton – although things certainly aren’t slowing down. This past week kept […]

Field Notes – week 5

27 Jul

Week Five Corn height: ridiculously variable – talus/ fibula lateral malleolous (ankle) to saggital suture of cranium (over my head) [you just wait if we get some decent rain] We have had the most ludicrous weather during our field school thus far this summer, but last week takes the (increasingly soft and melty) biscuit. The […]

Field Notes – week 4

23 Jul

  Field Notes – Week Four Corn height: caput femoris (head of the femur)* Welcome back to my regular weekly updates. I hope everyone enjoyed the special Day of Archaeology post from last week! Week four on site has been a little bit different for me. Trench I, the cemetery, has been a bit quieter […]

Field notes – week 3

13 Jul

Field Notes: Week Three Corn height: patellae (knee high)   This week’s site update is a Day of Archaeology special. For the past four years, this project has aimed to share the incredible diversity of the daily lives of archaeologists around the world. Once you’ve read all about my day at the Poulton Project yesterday, […]

Field Notes – Week 2

06 Jul

Field Notes: Week Two Corn height: tibial tuberosity (near about knee high) We were back out to blazing sunshine at the beginning of this week, with seven students in the cemetery area and another eight in the roundhouse area – some students had been with us the week before, but we also had some new […]

Field Notes – Week 1

27 Jun

Field Notes: Week One Corn height: tibia mid-diaphysis (shin high) It has been a fantastic first week at the Poulton Research Project field school. We’ve had a lucky number thirteen students on site – eight working in Trench I (the cemetery) with Mike and I – and five working in Trench L (the roundhouse) with […]

Alison Atkin joins The Poulton Team.

15 Jun

Alison has been contracted by the Poulton Project to assist Mike Emery and Kevin Cootes during the forthcoming season. Alison is a qualified Osteologist and comes with previous teaching experience. Poulton now has three fully qualified Archaeologists to teach the students, volunteers and our other visitors this summer ensuring they receive only the very best […]