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Investigating Burials

08 Jun

During the 2018 season the Poulton student field school continued to investigate the burials of a medieval farming community interred within the Chapel graveyard. We uncovered multiple skeletons buried in the classic Christian manner, with the head placed at the west end and the feet at the east end, so they could raise on the […]


01 Mar

THE POULTON PROJECT ARCHAEOLOGY COURSES TRAINING COURSES AT POULTON, CHESHIRE, 2018 The Poulton Project is a multi-period rural excavation 5 miles south of Chester, which has produced extensive evidence for 10,000 years of human activity. The site was discovered during the search for a lost Cistercian Abbey, when excavation unexpectedly revealed the foundations of a […]

Journal of the Chester Archaeological Society

05 Jun

Journal of the Chester Archaeological Society Volum e 86 for 2016 Papers relating to the Architecture, Archaeology and History of the County, City and Neighbourhood of Chester Edited by PETER CARRINGTON with Janet Axworthy, Dan Garner and Alan Williams Chester 2017 To read the Journal, please click here.   We would like to acknowledge the below […]

Osteology Update

09 Apr

Meet Rea who will be assisting us at Poulton this summer. She is seen here recording the mortal remains of a 35 – 40 year old (estimated) female in the grave at her feet. She is a very talented young lady and the students will benefit hugely from her skill and knowledge. In the background […]